Arabic program (individual course)

Individual: Your child will move forward alone, the teacher will focus on him while encouraging him more.


Programme d'arabe (cours individuel)

The series "Arabic in the hands of our children"
Is the most recent series specializing in the teaching of the Arabic language aimed at non-Arabic speakers. It was developed by an elite of academics specializing in academic education, targeting students (5-18) years old.

It consists of 12 student manuals accompanied by audio.
It was made to be taught in different educational establishments, and this, by adopting the literary Arabic language as a methodology and a way of teaching.

The series stands out:
- by concretely providing the pupil with all the necessary linguistic needs, as well as those aimed at communication and culture.
- by adopting the latest methods of teaching foreign languages.
- by employing captivating methods through eye-catching images and conveying precise messages.
- it makes the student able to study in universities teaching in Arabic.
It also gives the student the ability to:
- Form sentences in literary Arabic language flawlessly, grammatically and morphologically.
- distinguish the sounds of words and letters in the Arabic language, and thus be able to recognize and reproduce them.
- Communicate with Arabic speakers in all circumstances.

The series also has:
- Include exercises and activities in the books for the student to put the lessons into practice.
- She also Included in the books for the teacher, guidelines for effective classroom management, answers to exercises, as well as the lessons found in the books assigned to the student.

Complementing this series is the “Arab in Your Hands” series for adults, which is used and approved in more than 1,500 educational institutions around the world.

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