Quran for adults

Programme De Coran pour Adulte (cours individuel)

Apprenticeship program:
Our teacher determines the level of the student as soon as he presents himself for the first time, then he will progress...


Session Intensif d'été 2022

Cours de langue arabe Adulte

Session Intensif d'été 2022. Venez apprendre à lire en 1 mois. Votre enfant avance avec d’autre enfant, plus stimulant, avec l’envie de s’investir d’a...


Quran program (individual course)

Programme de Coran pour Enfant (cours individuel)

All students benefit from instruction with Tajwid. They thus assimilate the fundamentals by listening attentively and are taken up by their teachers f...


Arabic program (individual course)

Programme d'arabe (cours individuel)

Individual: Your child will move forward alone, the teacher will focus on him while encouraging him more.


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